Dominic Carter

Education Specialist
Dominic Carter is an Education Specialist with the OKSA program. Dominic Obtained in B.A in Sociology from Oklahoma State University in 2012. During his time at Oklahoma State University Dominic joined the greatest fraternity in the world Omega Psi Phi Fraternity. In 2009, Dominic served as president. He had an opportunity to work with a number of organizations such as: Red Cross, Big Brother Big Sister, and Into the Street hosted by OSU. Dominic’s motto is building a better future for tomorrow’s youth. In 2014, Dominic applied to the Department of Human Services and worked in Permanency Planning where he helped a number of teens understand their passion to make a change within the local community. After five years, Dominic was blessed with an opportunity to transition to the Education and Training Voucher Unit. Dominic enjoys spending time with his family and traveling. In Dominic’s spare time he loves to sing, and play sports.